Marrow MP Records


Marrow MP Records is a boutique record label in north Alabama ran by producer Whitney Dean (of The Sweeplings). We focus on TV Film/sync, singer/songwriter artist, bands, and duos.



We are a boutique record label that focuses on the production, recording and branding of artists that we believe in. We are located in the tiny town of New Market, AL just on the outskirts of Huntsville, AL. We've found a perfect place to get away from the busy world and relax into being creative. Our passion is to help create records that are sonically digestible with touches of organic and analog elements. Though we focus on the Americana-Folk / Singer-Songwriter genre, we are constantly in search of artists that are passionate about their music, convicted about their sound and open to exploring.

Our fully renovated 1970’s studio (previously known as Harmony Studios) has everything an artist or band would need to put their written material and art into sonic representation with the studio's 3 ISO booths, live room, 36 channel UAD Apollo consoles, private artist apartment and more.

Currently, we are excited to have 3 new releases for the fall of 2018 from newly signed folk/country artist “Molly Stevens” along with singer/songwriter “Into The Ivy” as well as the cinematic, pop/folk “Boy Valor”.


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